Call out for participants:

My name is Dominque Rivoal, i am a current Doctoral candidate at Middlesex University.

As part of my research, I am looking for several dyads partners with either an Authentic movement background, an interest in Zen self-enquiry or any filmmakers interested in somatic movement practices in order to co-create a series of films.

In these films, we will be working in pairs, filming each other, alternating between contemplating and filming, using both the structured model of the relating dyad as used in Enlightenment intensive and the method of witnessing from Authentic movement.

This project has two aims, firstly to gather knowledge about the intersubjective and inter-corporeal field between two individual using the method of the relating dyad, exploring the tension between seeing and being seen and the subsequent shifting subjectivities that enfolds with this process.

The second goal is an artistic output of a film created in co-held space in which both the filmmaker and the mover experience being on both side of the camera while undertaking a durational and iterative process of self-enquiry.

The filming process will take place during three whole days. It is a big commitment and there is no payment for this work. However the project offer an opportunity to delve deeply within one’s own relationships with self and other while developing the inner witness. Your participation will be a valuable addition to my research and findings could lead to greater understanding of the process of filming and being filmed. The exact enquiry instructions will be decided on the day.

If you are interested to take part in this research or would like to find out more, please send me an email:

I will then contact you for an interview to talk about the process in more details.

Some Background information

I come to this research as an Authentic Movement (AM) practitioner and a Mind clearing therapist; these trainings are shaping and informing this research, as well providing the methods from which to investigate the relational and inter-corporeal field between two movers, while documenting this process with a camera.

In 2018, I modify the ‘relating dyad’ (which is essentially a talking practice), to include the possibility of movement and in order to test its value within a somatic context, I led a workshop to introduce this format at the Somatic gathering and received enough positive feedback to pursue this technique.

Image credit: Christian Kipp Somatic Gathering 2018

In 2019, I introduced a camera within the relating dyad, allowing the dyad partners to record each other’s ‘portrait’ in moving images. In this format both the mover and the filmmaker are sharing the camera creating a parity of exchange, and the possibility to experience being on both side of the camera.

This camera-assisted format was tested at two different workshops – the Dance and Somatic Practices Conference at Coventry 2019 and Carpa Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts, Helsinki 2019. Please see a paper i wrote about this exchange

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