What is Mind Clearing ?


Become clear of confusion to clear confusion!

Mind clearing is a one to one therapy like counselling; initially the client works with the therapist with currents problems and close relationships and then can move on onto deeper work, such as fixed attitude, guilt, trauma …

The effectiveness of mind clearing is that the therapist never advises the clients but uses processes that support the clients to discovered what is right for them.

Mind Clearing was invented by Charles Berner in the 1960s in America.

The purpose of Mind clearing is improve communication as Berner believes that all mental and emotional distress is caused by un-expressed communications.

The benefits are

  • get yourself across
  • bring clarity in your life
  • free yourself from doubt, confusion and guilt
  • improve your relationships



2 thoughts on “What is Mind Clearing ?

  1. Hi Dominique, please can you get in touch about your services. I won’t say more here because I can’t tell if ‘leave a reply’ means privately or openly.


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