Enlightenment intensive

The Enlightenment intensive was originally invented by Charles and Eva Berner in the 60s and are practiced all over the world in the form of intensive retreat lasting three days, it is a stand alone process using the method of the relating dyad, combining the normally solo Zen self-enquiry (contemplation on who am i) while facing and communicating one’s inner world to a partner. 

The relational dyad is a durational, relational and iterative process with the aim of having a ‘direct experience of the self’. In practice the same chosen instruction such as (tell me who you are, tell me what is an other, tell me what is life) is repeated alternatively by each partner again and again over a long period of time.

This process differs from a normal conversation as the normal social interaction is suspended allowing the dyad participants to focus on the process of contemplating and communicating without being social.

The listener play an important role in placing their attention on their dyad partner,  adding the living presence of their attention to the mutual enfolding process of the dyad.